Saturday, January 1, 2011

So well happy New Year

So this Year not only my birthday got ruined, but also my favorite day of the year yay. I was invited on a party and my girl got us kicked out later we found another party, but there she also wanted to leave early. After we got back home i at least managed to arrange a remote firework special to save the day for me. With rockets fireing in an angle right over the forest and only having a few lights far away it kinda was cool. With biting on little firecrackers you normally throw on the ground the failed party was made a little better. I'm still pretty pissed and hope i still can kinda make a party alone to make me think it was still an awesome begin to the next year. I am kinda afraid though what i gotta explain in school and where not because i was kicked out and what not. FML.

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