Friday, January 7, 2011

The book

A while ago i started writing a diary together with my girlfriend. it kinda makes it hard to stay updated on the blog and the book without telling many things twice. The last week i had the book and tomorrow i will give it back to my girl. I'm not yet sure if she can read my terrible hand writing and my terrible slang language i use from time to time, but i hope she does. Today i wrote most pages. I think i wrote about three when i count the one i wrote before going to bed last night at 1AM. But normally i only write one page when i write for the day. I think the book is important, especially for her since i am her first relationship. And i think even when it doesnt work well with us one day she still will have the book to remember the great times. And when we finish the book together we may read it one day completally from begin to end.

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