Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello World

So after the vacation obviously school started again and friday i will get my last school certification before my big final exams. At the end of febuary i have the first row and in may the important real ones. I'm pretty sure it will be annoying to sit in a chair writing for a whole school day for the exams, but shouldn't be a too hard task. For preparation i should get ready next week. I plan to get my stuff in order, so i can make a weekly plan for studying that i hopefully will stick to. But in order to do that i need to have all stuff in place and not a chaotic mess, that i tend to prefer in daily life. After i finished my last exams, hopefully with a good result i will have about 2 months free time. Then i may make a vacation and maybe get to take a trip to the far east. After that i shall start university, but of course before i can do that i need to get more information about universities and have to make the decission then, where to stay.

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