Thursday, January 6, 2011

Credit to fellow Blogs

Here i give some credit to the Blogs of friends and blogs i follow.
A Lucid Exit is the Blog from an Hojer called Mastae, who always was a funny companion, when i still was a daily member on HoJ, his blog still contains good stories and is updated a few times a week, nearly daily. The blog is completally in english and started August 2010
and the sky is filled with light. can you see it? is the blog of another Hojer and her posts are often about Saw, other movies and shows. She has not posted in a while and i am not sure if she will come back to the blog once again. The blog is in english and started August 2008

C is for Claire is the blog from my exgirlfriend. The Blog is mostly about her life and was the first blog i knew before starting my own one. The blog is mostly in english with also some german posts lately. It is updated in irregular ups and downs like my blog and exists since November 2007.

Irrelevant Musical Numbersis Sad Panda's blog and features fantasy lyrics of songs mostly for Saw-related songs. It is a funny and unique blog, but updated only once in a long time. It began September 2010 and is only in english.
n0afr0 was Samuel's Blog, but only features one blog entry. It will most likely not be further expended. The Blog is in german and started August 2010
Poison is my girlfriend's Blog. The blog started December 2010 and therefor is pretty fresh and has not yet a recurring theme i could explain it with. Mostly it is about our relationship. The Blog is mostly in german and partly in english.
Toc-Toc's Blog is obviously my blog aka The page you are just looking at. The theme is mostly about my life and stuff i found on the webs or elsewhere. I started in Febuary 2009 with it being mostly in german, then it changed to mostly in english and now its about 45% each and the rest is for some posts in chinese i make from time to time.

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