Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is there an officer, problem?

So well, my first time the police stopped me for a license plate check and alcohol test. It was 0.00 of course, but could have been different, because shortly before i nearly drank something alcoholic, because i got a glass with a drink and luckily checked the bottle before actually drinking it. Also i played Mahjong again and it was kinda fun, we played about 2 hours this time and i would have lost money this time haha. Later that night before i left to get trapped in a policecontrol at half past 4 in Essen we watched 19 episodes of a childrens show with a mouse and cat who drive in a car made of chocolate, drink whine and afterwards crash and lose all there limbs and stuff. Also it featured cigarrets, plus addiction afterwards. Guns pointing at heads and cake that gets blown to the sky and then becomes a cloud and it rains cakeparts. Best quotation of the whole show is "你吃我的车". it means "You eat my car", but is a lot funnier in chinese because the word for eat and the word for car are very similar.


  1. thank godness u didn't drink any alcohol like the mouse and cat~haha

  2. i would have lost my body parts and would need to search my nose or tail after i leave the hospital o_O

  3. but u can use ur body as a car~~haha