Monday, February 8, 2010

You hate to see me being in such misery..Cause you wish you could help and do what I needed.. but you really can't..all you could do is to be there for me over the cam and listen... You really look forward to my coming on april and planned loads of stuff for it to be as memorable and fun.. You love me but you hated the distance between us.. sometimes you felt helpless cause I'm so far away and you want to see me and hug me.. So you only did was to hug companion cube..I believe you would do that every night.. and start thinking of me.. you had me in your mind most of the time and very happy to have me but I'm always mad and complainning.. you barely felt my love for you anymore.. as you start to doubt everytime i complain and get mad.. still you felt helpless cause there's nothing you can do and the last thing you wanted is for us to part and never be friends again..
Cause now.. I'm pretty much the person you needed to stay strong but I'm just as weak as you are.. Everyday your upset about your friends who wasn't in your trust list anymore and scare what will they ever do to you next and also for your ex gf who you hated to the core and never want to ever see her again for she will only remind you what horrible things she've done to you...that will torment your day.. You have hopes for me and I'm the only person you trusted.. You stay strong if not because of me and that keeps you living.. but the only thing now is that I'm always seems to be mad and pushing you away.. feeling unappreciated and confuse.. You really wanna love me but I didn't have all the forcus for you for I have own problems to face..
Now... never lose hope for me.. for I'll be back in your arms once again. Shall we soon leave our past behind us one day and live happier and positive life knowing we have each other :)

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  1. oh, i love you so much honey. we will go through everything that will happen together.