Saturday, February 27, 2010

We like the claire
coz she is close to us
we like the claaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiire!
even as much as a bear
'cause it's useful keeping warm
and a dog isn't very useful for that
unless it has got fluffy hair
and then you might be better off with a
unlike the claire
it is far out the sea
it's out there very far
but not as far
as maybe
the moon or shops
or wal-marts
and maybe bookstores
and doors also I think maybe
they are quite far too
maybe not as far as the claire
coz the claire is very far
we like the claire
the claire is very cuddleful everyone
everybody like the claire
because it light up my heart at night
and it lovely
and it makes my heart beat and we like it
but not as much as saw
we really like saw
we like bockwurst
we really like them
and we like cats and we like dogs
and we like bears and we like claire
and we like all the fluffy animals
we really like the claire

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