Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Month

I love you more than i hate the distance between us

Two Months;
And only One Month waiting to see you again. The flight is booked and the trips are being planned. In exactly 4 weeks you will be exiting your plane and hug your boyfriend while leaving the terminal behind. Those 3 months we weren't able to feel and touch each other are long and now we have finished only two-thirds of that long time. But when the time finally has come, it shall be that intense that we don't look back on the waiting and only think that it was worth it.

Last month i wrote about the moments we had and now i will write about the times we will have in one month. Next month we will not only see each other finally again, but in the same few days you have birthday and we are together for three months. I thought about a few things, but havn't really thought everything out, yet and need to plan what exactly i'm about to do with you that day. We will finally go and eat at the Comix. We wanted to go there in december already, but we went there the day it was closed and didn't manage to there there on another day. We also planned to watch a lot of movies like Battle Royale, the detroit metal city movie, repo, wall-e, memento and stuff like that. We may sacrifice one evening for most of the movies while ordering something to eat and lying lazy on the couch or in bed =P

I think we also want to play minigolf, either i just came up with it or we mentioned it on one day as a sidenote. At least i think it may be a cool idea, same for letting you ride a horse, citygirl :D oh and i gotta show you the highland cows or as you would call em *big-mops*
I hope we will have good relative warm weather with nearly zero raining days, so it will be most awesome when we visit different places.

In the second week there will be the biggest event of it all. Our second Amsterdam-Trip! We will go to the Amsterdam Dungeon for sure this time and yes i will hold your hand and we will go to the Live-Porno-Show just for fun =D. Oh yeah and the sex museum of course. I hope we can park outside the city this time though, cause i don't want to pay 50€ for a parking lot again. We may get to eat at the Hadrock Cafe this time or we go to the Sports Cafe again, cause i thought this restaurant was kinda awesome. At night we will sleep in the hostel we found i think its the best deal we can do. i just need to ask around how many friends will stay with us in one room and are willing to share the money then.

We also will go to Belgium, although Merel isn't sure if she really makes a saw-night because there is other stuff going around, but we are still invited to a birthday party there. And we may persuade Merel to still make the saw-night haha.

After two most awesome weeks my school begins and we will have a calmer week i think. On some days when i have cool lessons you may come with me to school and for sports you can join anyways, because its only playing batminton or doing something else there.

After that week we have one last weekend and will have to think about what thing to do as a great ending and then it's time to say goodbye again. But not forever, just until summer. I love you babe and i hope you thought a lot about me on our anniversary :-*

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