Saturday, February 6, 2010


i finally saw it and i loved the movie. Not only was the villain likeable for me, but this time i liked the protagonist too. For the end fight it was really hard to decide for which side you are. The human technology was great. I loved the Walker robots and the UT-like space ships. I never thought the Na'vi would be as tall as they were in the movie and it was a kind of clever idea, because with them flying they were nearly as tall as the planes from the humans. It was a huge and natural based culture against a strong technology based culture. I liked that the fighting in the end was realistic like that the Na'vi had no chance to defend themselves against the humans (without the help of the animals that joined in the end). The 3D Effekt was cool, but the movie wouldnt be worse without 3D i think. i could imagine a sequel and i think i will see the movie again some time.

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