Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ok dream was fucked up, but i still share

[23:15:52] Toc-Toc: ok my dream... first off it was about pirates. kind of. haha influenced mostly by my old DSA times though. ok let's start at the beginning. So i watched a show about hollywood stuff and if its realistic and it was about ships, titanic, poseidon etc. so i dreamt about ships. but the ship i dreamt about was a wooden three-master ship. i was captain, you were my wife and we had a lot of guys working for us. on the one side we were not actually on the ship cause it was a game, but on the other side we could move on it like real person, so you loooked like you look like and i looked like i look like only with fitting clothes. That was the a sign that it was a DSA like game and no computer game or something like that. I can tell that it was a game because we had level. i was level 32 and you were level 27. i was captain. i was not the best fighter. so in fighting you could beat me, cause you were a fighter. i was more for trading, ship coordination and things like that. my first general was level 29 and the only one better in fighting than you :P. the rest of the sailors were like level 17 and below. we had maps of the areas with percentages of the enemies. there were kind of "gods" boss enemies. they had the chance 1/1000000 to be met at any place on the world and higher chances in special areas. to get a special "orb" we needed to find a charybdis-like god. the better chance to meat him was in the "deep sea", so we sailed there. the game was no pure sea game though. there was a huge continent, but we were specialised for the sea. So now for the story, we sailed to the deep sea and on the way the first enemy atttacked us. it was a kraken/octupus. kind of purple color. we lost one sailorman but you and my general defeated the kraken. then we got it out the sea and i (because i am the captain haha) could open the kraken x). like in role play games you got money or items after defeating. in this game you had to cut the stomach open of the enemy and in it were the items. there was a golden amulet necklace i presented to you immediatly after clearing and the rest was giving to a level 4 sailorman who had the job to clean it from the kraken blood and stuff. Badly that level 4 character had a low dexterity (Fingerfertigkeit) skill so he lost one golden ring. when he was back he told me that i was mad and hit him with a hook. in the game you will have scars when an attack nearly kills you. he was not that lucky and my attack took him to 4HP. like in DSA thats the edge to fainting. so when he woke up he was like "DAMN I LOVE THAT CHARACTER AND NOW I NEED 2k TO LET THE GAME REMOVE THE SCAR??? IM LEVEL 4 I DONT HAVE 2 FUCKING THOUSAND" and i was like well at least the female chars like scars (wow that rhymes). When we reached the area "Deep Sea" there was a huge sea monster that wrapped itself around the ship like a snake and spoke with a dark voice. It wanted taxes or it would have attacked us if we go further. kind of a way to get noobs out of the area so they wont get in an area that is too hard for them. we had the money though. costed 20k. was worth it cause i knew the Orb would give us special abilities to upgrade the ship and i knew the monsters are great for experience. badly my dream was over then though.

*Claire added*
'Your pirate girl'

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  1. Epic Win, hun. Your clothes were kinds different though. Your tattoo was not visible like that and your shirt was like green =P but this is even cooler x)