Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Way to live with a Bear VIII

And i got my Massage x)
And the other day was the last day of the trip. We drove to Frankfurt and like only ate and got to the airport. There was not much more to do. It was hard to not grab her and pull her out of the terminal x). Jens and Julia were with us and now we sit here and are drinking and damn i found a shoe package. And i cant remember seeing her buying those shoes here =X. Too bad the week is over i even miss her screaming and being mad at me already. But i have the Companion Cube left to cuddle at least x). Honey love you, hope your flight works well =)

1 comment:

  1. stefan :)
    sorry ich muss das sagen. SUPERSÜSS :D
    bin einfach nur mal so auf deinen blog gegangen und hach.. was soll ich sagen. bin auch nur ein mädchen.
    ich hoffe dass das mit euch hält & alles glück der welt!
    liebe grüße :)