Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Way to live with a Bear VII

Ok so i try to remember everything. Claire woke up again and we wanted to go to Comix, BUT badly it's closed on sundays =(, so we went to Quincy in Krefeld. AWESOME SHIT. Damn a Pizza as a starter and then two big Schnitzel with fries... that was too much. haha i managed to ate half of it though (less than one Schnitzel, but most fries) x). On the tv in Quincy were commercials for a show on Viva so we watched it after coming home. badly it was dubbed and not subbed.
The next day was the day of Amsterdam. So today we stood up and went there. Pretty much the longest way i drove yet. Too bad we had a few problems that i don't want to write down so that we could only go to Madam Toussad and not the Dungeon. Then we went to the Torture Museum and at at a cool place called Sports Corner or something similar. And of course after that we went to the red light district. GODDAMMIT. best place on earth hands down!. i mean. Bars, Drugs, Casinos and Girls? Is there any other thing a guy wants? haha. oh yeah and the erotic museum lols. the Cartoon in there was kind of funny. Now at 3 AM we are back home and i need a massage... oh and i was iceskating for the first time since 2000 and Claire the first time in her life was pretty cool :)

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