Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Way to live with a Bear V

Oh so long ago. Last time i wrote about my presents. Hmmm. We slept until we had to go eat breakfast at my mums house. At around 1PM we ate at my uncle's house and in the evening at home. Every meal was kind of filling so it was the day of anti-starvation and obesity lols. After breakfast with my mum and Mop I we had to prepare for the next eating at my uncle's and Mop II's house. After that we took a break to sleep, cause actually the night before we havn't slept a single Minute, which is good to eat much, but bad to be awake while eating. When my sister and her friend were here we talked a lot about singapore and germany and how Mirco could make vacation and stuff. He and my dad were extremely drunk, so it was kind of fun. Expecially when they started talking about prostitues and when my father tried to tell a story in broken english x). After that we showed my sister the new Jesus and we ended the day by watching a very funny movie that is called Little Nicky. But I think the thing about the movie that Claire loves most was Adam Sandler's hair :D. We wanted to go to my other uncle to celebrate Christmas with them, but we slept until now and now it's too late for it, so we go for Plan B which is eating with my father instead. :)

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