Sunday, December 6, 2009

oh warum hör ich nichts von Wally

Ich habe in den letzten Tagen Minecraft gespielt und mit "Bärchen" gechatten. Meine Minecraft Gebäude könnt ihr nun hier sehen, habe vieles mehr gebau, aber das konnte ich als Bilder speichern:

the first tower i made. from the inside it looks pretty cool, at least for the firt thing i made. the first good thing, before i only made like two story houses and similar things.
I created a tunnel between my tower and the pyramid of another dude, which i pretty much all made myself, because he was even newer to the game then me.

and the top of my tower =)

here is the temple (pyramid) i connected my tower via underground to =)

This Tower took a while to create. i watched the 2009 Year thing while building it, was kind of fun though.

the hotel is my biggest building yet. 8 story. that means 8 normal fllors + 1 underground and +1 for the ceiling. i loved this building a lot and it took a lot of time to build, badly some faggots destroyed it =/.

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