Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kaizo Caverns

So Vechs finally updated his old Ultra Hostile maps and i started playing my first one and it is indeed hostile. Many enemies and rare resources. I havn't found any iron yet and nearly all coal blocks are involved in traps. The worst thing however is the food situation. there is no water to make a farm and no animals are available, so the main food source is zombie flesh, which also takes a long time to gather and is always dangerous, because you have to eat it often to stay in healing mode. I found 4 wool already and died a few times. I also had to kill myself, because i was out of food and health before. It started with about 5 skeletons blocking my way and i had no single block to defend myself, so i had to trick them into shooting each other and hit them with my fist, which is not as easy as it sounds when it involves stairs.

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