Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And so it begins!

Today the new semester in university began and that with two lectures in Analysis. The professor started with telling us that he never experienced students that made as bad results as we did and he was wondering why. After some wild theories about how school may have changed in the last years he started to get onto the maths topic and began his lecturing. In the 5 minute break he handed us three paper with the 3 different groups on them to go to for homework checking and studying. Normally i take the last group, but this time i took the early one, so i can be sure that i still had enough time afterwards to go to the Chinese course. He also handed us homework that is due to monday. Normally we get homework on mondays for the next week, but this time, because of the vacation he thought it would be cool to give us just three instead of four tasks, so that we won't get bored it seems. After the two lectures we went to the library and we logged online to write an e-mail to our new computer science teacher to make sure that we have the lessons on a good time of our schedule. After that i wanted to check what room i have to go for my Chinese lessons and i realised that i did not have them on mondays and wednesdays, but instead on tuesdays and thursdays. Now i have a little time problem on these days, since i have to get from one place of the city to the other in a short time. Leave one course 10 minutes earlier, take bus and still coming too late may be included. After realising that i will not have time on thursday, i ran to the bus to get home to go to the bank and sent money that was due this week. At home i then started on the homework for a few more hours. I didn't even finish one task yet and that task was the easiest one. I finally see, i am back at the stressful college life, you just have to love it. x)

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  1. Yeah, it seems the stressful university has begun. You will become a busy man again.