Friday, December 16, 2011

The Shy Girl Dilemma

And another relationship turned into ashes. Why is it always that i find shy girls with lots of emotional problems and after i fixed 'em they thank me in getting the self-esteem of finding someone who fits better to them in their eyes. Well i think i got my will when i wanted to be single for university about 9 months ago. It feels strange to have a relationship over that was so long, yet not many people knew about, but it feels great to not have any need to explain what ended if noone knew about it. Surprisingly she found a guy, while i was just taking some time to study, although she told me i meant everything for her and that she never had feelings towards someone else. I however told her everything about a girl i felt more for than i may have wanted to feel. Well, at least it seems that i was the honest one in our relationship, although i had sleeping problems for the reason that i thought i wasn't the one. New Year, New Love i guess. i just have to find one. Funny thing is that december is always a strange month for me in terms of relationships. Last december it all began with Gogo and i met Yvonne. The december before Claire visited me for the first time and we all knew what that was all about. For instance the december before i was about to get my first girlfriend, but it took nearly two more months of flirting to get there. And everything before i can't remember because it is not in my blog :D.
But i think i drifted away from the original context. At least the headline tells me i should talk about the SGD. So i'm attracted to vulnerable and shy girls and after investing much time into a stable relationship it falls suddenly apart like a just finished house of cards. if i wasn't too tired of studying for college it may even hurt, but then all in all are all break-ups the same and at one point you just don't care anymore and well; At least out of this ashes may come a Wally who writes more into his blog again.


  1. I hope you're feeling happier soon and that you're not too heart broken. Break-ups always suck but I suppose that's just life and you have to move on with it.