Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So after some problems i finally could get started playing a new game with Yvonne. It's a nice and adorable adventure game where you play an unnamed robot and have to solve little puzzles. It's a rather easy adventure game, because the puzzles are always on one screen and you never bring items from different screens into a new area, so the combinations you have to try to get the solution are rather limited. Yet probably not as frustrating as in other adventure games. It is nicely drawn and has a very nice concept, i really like it so far although we are right at the very beginning, because he did not have much time to play it today, but will most likely continue to play tomorrow. So far we got stuck on several occasations, but then it was because i'm just a big dummy and didn't do things right that were quite obvious. Mostly the whole game is intuitive, but often you just don't realise how exactly you could do what you want to do. Luckily after a while of searching you always get the thing right though, mostly due to its limitation to one screen. Most adventure games you either sit through for months or you cheat and look solutions up. I hope for this one i can get through without cheating at all with the exception of Yvonne helping, although she seemed a bit lost inside the game today.


  1. I'm eager to learn how you do with the "five in a row" puzzle. ;)

    ~Alex (Machinarium Forum mod)

  2. i did well. i finished it after about 5 to 10 times trying it was challenging but not impossible. i finished the whole game in few more hours though. but i will write about it onme more article. hope even after i finish the game you may keep track of my blog :)