Friday, December 30, 2011

Machinarium: Revisit

So the game took a turn into another direction. it turned from level based into a full grown puzzle based cutie adventure. it was amazingly nice for the time i was still suffering from my teeth surgery and it was a hell of an exciting adventure. I even downloaded the soundtrack and totally love the song Clockwise Operetta, yet didnt feel too good with the rest of the soundtrack, partly because the song of the little three fellars was missing (luckily youtube knows how to help). In hindsight the game was one of the few games i managed to do without help and really loved to play with, but i'm still very sad that the game and storyline was so short, i could have imagined more about how the world we know now maybe turned into this robot place and more background story about the girlfriend of josef, i mean we dont even know her name. but maybe thats quite a bit of the charm of the game, you jump into this cute worls and you dont need to know more about it at all i mean its just a cute little story. obviously a game i am bond to tell friends about if they ask me what adventure game to play next.


  1. > ...the song of the little three fellars was
    > missing [from the soundtrack]

    FYI, the files in C:\Program Files\Machinarium\11\ are .mp3 audio files used in the game and the one you mentioned is this one: Machinarium\11\01010001.001 (don't know where they'd be on a MAC or Linux system)

    You can either make a copy and change the .001 to .mp3 or just drag and drop it (and all the other files if you want) into a player to enjoy them sans gameplay. Just don't rename them within the \11\ folder or you'll mess up the game. ;-)

    ~Alex (

  2. thank you for the hint. i probably will convert it to mp3 then :)