Tuesday, March 22, 2011

two big steps to a better language

With my last post i feel a lot safer in chinese writing. I make less and less mistakes and seem to choose the right word for things i have to translate more often than choosing words that are similar, but do not fit at all. When i began i had no idea about grammar and sentence structure, that was the first step to get to texts that at least make a bit sense. Lately i learnd to write more complex structures. How to use the chinese version of the if-clauses and it also helped to get a better understanding of the whole grammar tense structures. That now most of my sentences are still not perfect, but will at least make sense to a native speaker i will not post a correction right under it. Also mostly to save space on the page, too. Corrections may be posted as comments or just hints for wrong words be mentioned below. Probably my blog will feature more and more posts in chinese on my process of learning.

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