Monday, December 6, 2010

TS-19 ~ The Walking Dead Season Finale

I just saw the season finale of the walking dead i have a few good thing and bad things to say about it.

Good Things:
- The flashback at the beginning was very nice and gave a lot of background to the characters
- The Story of the doctor was perfect and everything he did was just cool, sad he died, but it was great to make him die anyway
- killing off another character and that in a good way. Let's face it, the group is too big, it has to split or more people have to die.
- The Drama between Lori and Shane, i mean come on. Shane is cool, Rick is cool. Only Lori is the bitch, they shouldn't continue on that drama line.
- Everyone getting drunk as a comic relief before the big bang. I liked it.
- The message to Rick from the doc. Great chance for future usage.

Bad Things:
- Lori gets on my nerves seriously... and i do not think they will kill her off.
- Not showing characters of previous episodes. It's sad that they let all the stories open, especially the Redneck guy who cut his hand off.

All in All i just cannot wait for the next season.

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