Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Early New Years resolutions

  • Love:
In the year 2011 i want to find something new to cling to and to share my time with. I may have planted the first brick for this already, but only time will tell. I grew from the experiences earlier this year and may be more careful in the following
  • School:
I plan to finish my school with an averange of between 1.8 and 2.2. I try my best for the better scores and have an own room for the studying before the big exams. If i will study like i plan to i cannot tell, yet, but i think it is time to prove it for myself. Later the year i shall start university then.
  • Language:
I plan to improve my chinese skills further and further and probably will create a renren account within the next year and hopefully be able to read first easy texts or comics without pinyin. Obviously try to stay in contact with the people i know who can help me improve and maybe start writing letters in chinese to get used to it.
  • University:
Most likely i will move out when i go to university and i will need a laptop. I'm not yet sure if i will change completally from Desktop to Laptop or still will use both. For the study time i probably go the same way that worked for me for school since class 11. I learn in the weekdays and party on the weekend, although i may have to actually study more on weekdays and not only before exams.
  • My Blog:
My blog will probably survive the next year too and improve to whatever topics i may want it to improve to. I plan to write more in the blog then i did this year and hope i stay on that choice.

All in all i have an optimistic view on that year ~

A look back to last years resolutions:

What i managed to do:
  • Getting a cell
  • Improving my school grades
  • Meeting Claire again

What i did not manage to do:
  • Have my Blog updated as in 2009
  • Being able to speak to someone in Chinese and write good Blog entries, although i took a huge leap, but just started to late to really get into studying
  • Meeting the german saw fans again
  • Meeting Rachel
  • Staying a regular member on HOJ
  • regularry training

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