Sunday, January 3, 2010

So here we go

So let me think about what i could write. Well, i know you for over a year now and although or maybe because of that you became my best friend. A distance that gave us a distance to see things objective. That's how you helped me out when i was down and i had some bad times in the last year. You were always an ear and a shoulder for me and now that we finally met each other the bond is even stronger. Laughing, Crying, we had it all in one week. It was not the first time i met someone i knew over the internet, but the most memorable time for sure. i still cannot think about anything to show you how much i enjoyed and enjoy the times.

You made me like Christmas again and you gave me the hope, wishes and dreams i needed to have something to look forward to, again. Missing someone can be much more beautiful than being alone or misunderstood. Yet, i never was in a situation like that and i don't know how i will be able to handle it, but i will wait for you, whatever it costs or happens. But before it happens the two stuffed bears will hold you and look for you, so that you always remember me when you feel lonely. Because I'm always there with you as a friend and as your boyfriend.

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