Monday, January 4, 2010

Saw VII - Dream

This dream features Saw VI spoilers^^

I will post it in english so i can repost it on HoJ, although my dream was in german. It features only the ending, because i only dreamt of the last scene, dunno why haha.

green: Bob, pink: Jill, red: Mark, blue: police

So the general Situation was like this: Jill escaped into a cave. This cave was connected to a mine or something like that, where the main test of a victim (he has no name so let's just call him Bob) took place. Jill reaches the one end of the cave next to a metal door (made of rods like in the picture). Hoffman follows her, shoots next to her into the cave wall with his gun and shouts "don't move". Jill turns around and doesnt move, because she know that her days are counted. Hoffma shoots her into her right foot making Jill fall on her knees and then shoots once again into the right upper leg. Meanwhile we see Bob (having a lot of wounds from previous tests) following arrows out of the mine-like place. Hoffman starts torturing Jill by hitting her with his gun and screams a lot of things i cant remember. Mostly for what Jill did to him. Hoffman's voice is a bit different though, because he still misses his right cheek, the blood flood stopped though. Oh and his foot is broken, when he pointed the gun at her he was limping too. Some time there we saw a flashback of him chasing Jill and when he got her Jill made him step into a trap (car trap). and he got caught under a wheel of a trucklike machine (kind of a crane). On the other side of the trap Bob's test took place. So then Hoffman beats more shit out of Jill and he says something like "i know that Jigsaw had a plan for you when all this is over". Jill answers with a few missing teeths and blue and red head "Just kill me". And Hoffman just grins and then you start hearing the police "i won't kill you, you will live. When Jigsaw has a plan to hide you from the cops or make you the victim, then i will make you live, but wish you would die" Hoffman takes his knife out and holds it to her face. Meanwhile Bob finds another tape infront of another door (door on left on picture). Bob opens the door and the door immediatly closes, he wants to open it again, but it can only be opened from one side, he pulls the tape into the recorder, but hears a loud scream and the police so he turns around and wants to look around the last corner where Hoffman and Jill are. Then we see the origin of the scream, Hoffman cutted with his knife through Jill's both eyes and slices her cheeks as revenge for the RBT (that was kind of grafic o_O) and then stabs her three further times into her left leg. Jill screams in anger and now lies in anger on her back.

Bob now enters the place where Hoffman is in and just screams "OMG, what have you done". Hoffman turns around, pulls his gun and shoots Bob in his face. The police sounds get louder and we see the first officers entering the mine. Hoffman tries to open the door, but it is locked. He walks over to Bob and sees the tape recorder in his hand. He sits down, because of his foot and plays the tape, which said something similar to this: "Hello Bob, this is your last test. You will reach two other victims, they are wanted by the police like you are and they won't wait to kill you, but they need you and you need them, because you were the only one who heard the last tapes and hints. The police will enter through the big entrance and the building you just left. The only way out without getting caught by the police is through the metal door on the other side. Time to finish your game. Make your choice." Hoffman let the recorder falling to the ground and slowly stands up. He limps towards the big entrance to slowly later the cops stand in front of him.

Now my dream had two different endings:

a) Hoffman sees the police and shoots himself. The police runs in feels Jill's neck and says "she didn't make it". Then we see the police getting 3 black bags out of the cave and leaving and the movie finished

b) Hoffman holds his hands up and gives up. Again one police officer goes over to Jill just to find out that she is already dead, this time you can see Hoffman's reaction though, he looks over to Jill with a little grin, but then gets pulled by the police. Limping handcuffed and getting pushed into the police car. The next scene is Hoffman in jail. In his cell he lies in his bed looking at the ceiling, His Cell inmate pulls out a few cards looks up to his bed and says "Do you want to play a game?" Hoffman looks down with his half face with an expression that was so funny haha.

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