Friday, November 27, 2009

Singapore-人 in the States

Hey Bear, next time, you visit me x) dunno how you got a flight for no money, but damn, get that flight to germany and live with me for a few weeks next time =P. you had a flight over 12 time zones, damn that's gotta be a jetlag =D. hope you don't sleep away in the bath you took x). had to sing a few FIR songs, hope my accent was not too embarrasing though haha. I hope you enjoy your time in the states, i will go there next summer, too. Hope you visit me before though. I don't think you can, but well someday we will meet, at least when i go to Kuala Lumpur to finally see my favorite skyscraper. I loved that you called me tonight, it made me feel loved and special x) we havnt talked in a few weeks/months now, hope to see you more often on skype :)

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