Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The best way out - is through. Either i'm a god damn genius myself or god in fact loves irony. Seeing the bullet before it is shot seems actually to be the best way to avoid any damage, i didn't know it was true, but it works, although you have to shoot the sniper, who doesn't even know about its target yet. The more i think about it the funnier it gets. First i regretted my decision and now when i actually see the outcome i don't know whether to laugh or cry, because i guessed something before it happened and prevented it by rushing deeply into it. Sacrificing the queen to prevent being checkmated can be a clever move for a few rounds, but it shows that your position already was desperate and it won't help to bring your king back into a save place. A time paradox, a division by Zero if you will, a look into the future will leave something blank behind in your mind. But never regret what you do, as long you keep your eye on it, it will end up better than it could have. If you're good at anticipating the human mind, it leaves nothing to chance and if you're good at seeing inside souls, you'll never be hurt again. Mankind has the will to learn from mistakes and if you do, you learn to make mistakes to prevent bigger mistakes. 大水冲了龙王庙,一家人不认一家人。 我认识朋友,但他们不是我的朋友。我喜欢他们,但我不能相信他们。Das Leben verläuft in einem regelmäßigen Zyklus, nach Schlechtem folgt auch irgendwann wieder Gutes, nach Glanzzeiten folgt eine Rezession. Wenn man diese überbrücken könnte, gäb es jedoch weder Gutes noch Schlechtes, denn alles Schlechte scheint nur so schlecht, wie es aus dem Winkel einer guten Zeit betrachtet werden kann. Man kann jedoch versuchen sich von guter zu guter Zeit zu hangeln, indem man in Kauf nimmt, das Gute zu nutzen um das Schlechte auszugleichen. Dabei geht ein Stück des Gipfels verloren, jedoch scheint das Tal nicht mehr tiefer als es ist. Eins folgt nicht zwangsläufig zu dem Anderen, wie man das Blatt spielt, das man erhält alleine das zählt. When now the Dragon-King lets some things that he loves go and protects other things which are most precious, then the rising flood won't destroy everything he has. His lost will be bearable, although the flood is as high as it would have been if he didn't think about possible consequences after all. If he wouldn't show his crown to everyone, maybe the flood wouldn't even have been started by the envy of mankind. But I am not the Dragon-King, and i saved some things, before they were destroyed by the water. Now it's my turn to clean it and build up a new and even better temple. It's never a hard loss, when you actually find out that the temple wasn't as good as you thought before knowing it was made of clay instead of solid rocks and that it was just a matter of time before it would have been collapsed out of its own weight.

PS: Falls irgendjemand diesen Post zu mehr als 50% versteht oder glaubt zu verstehen, mein Respekt. :D
PPS: nah vielleicht auch schon bei 20% lol

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