Saturday, June 6, 2009

You cannot save them anymore
It's too late now
Destroy the walls of time
Hands of the blind are holding your fate
Tides of life will take you away
Visions are born from the unknown force
It dominates the way of time
The dream only ends, when the worlds come to an end
You cannot escape to the dark streams of the sea
to suppress your dreams
Nothing can keep you away from the need to create
'cause your path is free...
Years I've walked in the coldest winds
Through the deserts of sand and snow
The time is passing and I know
that I'm wasting my life, destroying my dreams
I'm diving into the bottomless sea
From sorrow and pain I find my strenght
the more pain I feel, the more I see
Now I'm watching my life flowing in the dark
like streams of fear running through my heart
And it's wearing me down until I'm gone
Soon I'll join the endless whirls of stars
And I fall deeper into the unknown voids
Something is dying, yet something is born
And I fall into infinity like a burning star
When will I find my silent dawn
I'm floating in the sea of stars
I'm drifting away from the shore
I will be lost in the dream when the dark days come

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