Sunday, March 25, 2012

Minecraft Saturday

So yesterday Yvonne played with me minecraft during my day and her evening to night and it was amazing. I got my alarm clock set at 9am so that we can start playing soon after. We started in our server you had already before. I continued building the house mostly and Yvonne was adventuring in caves and using the strip mine to get more resources. I finished the second floor of the house, added a balcony, changed the entrance a bit, but really wanted to have some glowstone for lighting purposes, so we both took a trip to the nether. i made a bridge across the lava lake, she was standing on the ground waiting for me to destroy the glowstone and she was gathering what was falling down. Back at our house i finished the entrance and lighting and started with the roof top. Before Yvonne said she wanted a swimming pool inside the house so i decided to build it on the roof and there it started. It took long to fill everything with a source block, just to realize that the pool is dripping through the house. So instead i changed the floor to half steps so it won't leak through, but still looks the same, the whole house was under water for a while and when i changed the half steps to double half steps i realized that nothing changed, water can also drip thru these, so everything was just work for nothing and i just shortened the pool which quite sucked. Then we made a break, she ate dinner and i ate breakfast.

Half an hour later we were about to continue and decided to start a survival map instead. Yvonne proudly announced to me that she prepared and watched YouTube tutorials about survival and learned some recipes. We decided to make a bet: If i die one time, she has to write a blog entry on my blog and if she dies 5 times the other way around; We do not really help each other, only trading and we both have to survive for ourselves. So i changed the world and some options to set up a new server. We both spawned in the middle of an ocean with big lack and no sign of land. Okay, that was quite a fail, i thought and deleted the world file to make another random world. We both spawned in a snow forest and i decided to travel for a few hundred meters, so we won't be directly next to each other. I gathered some would and some stone and even found a bit of surface iron. Badly i didn't find any coal though and with the traveling before i had no time to set up a base for the night. I had some pork chops gathered and also already an iron breastplate, so i decided to just walk around at night. Badly it started with 9 creepers in my sight and didn't really get better until daytime. Lots of monsters and they even hurt me pretty bad, but i survived the night. Yvonne was doing a lot better than i have anticipated, she said she never was in real danger, she already set up a little base and started mining during the night. The next day i continued a wheat farm i started before and also gathered iron in a cave i set my first base in. It didn't take long to have my first complete set of iron stuff and i went out to gather clay. I gathered lots of clay some jungle saplings and started a mine into a giant cave i also found diamonds in, in the few hours later. I was about to make my first tree-house, when Yvonne died for her first time. She was shot by a skeleton. Nothing to bad, but then she wanted to get inside her home and two spiders blocked her path and killed her. She asked for help and i killed the two spiders because she was sounding extremely mad and then she realized that all her stuff was gone already. To make her play further and not be angry all the time i gave her food, an iron pickaxe and sword. Later i even gave her a map as a present and some seeds i had, because my farm was becoming too large. While i was making my tree-house Yvonne really wanted to stop playing, the spiders really ruined her gaming mood, which was sad, because it was an amazing gaming day after all.


  1. Yes, I hate spiders. I havent been encountered by a creeper. I am sure I will hate creeper more.

  2. you really haven't encountered a creeper in all these hours? in the first 5 minutes i saw 9 creepers. x( guess they were all searching for me