Monday, March 26, 2012

Excitements in the air

the results for my second try on the analysis exam are out, but no-one cares to make a photo to upload the scores. What i do know is that i failed the first try by a long range. i scored 28% of the 50% i had to pass. This time it looks a lot better and i am pretty confident that i passed this time, but then again you can never be sure and that's what scares me. So I'm excited and worried and hope that anyone will upload the scores soon or at least can look mine up, before i explode out of excitement. Today also others had to redo the linear algebra exam, which i luckily survived before already. I hope one of the people who wrote linear algebra made a photo of the analysis scores. Let us hope for the best.


So i passed the exam! I have 40.5 points of 80, which means i barely made it over the goalline, but i did and that means i will not have to worry about that anymore and can instead worry about what is to come in my second semester =)

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