Saturday, September 18, 2010

Afterthoughts 二

It was my first relationship over a long time aka over 3.5 months and with a real intimate life. I don't regret what i did, i dont even regret having a long range relationship, actually it is awesome aslong you can trust the other one and you dont have the feeling to visit the other one every day. a bit of distance isnt bad at all. But when you feel like the other person is using the space they have to betray you then the fun is over. i never had a proof and i never can be asured what exactly happened, but trust cant be just wished back out of nowhere so i will cope with what i think, what happened. I'm not even angry at her or myself, like it happened it just happened. i don't even regret paying the money for this long trip, because in the end everything happened gave me experiences in relationships and in trust, although i fall for this false trust again. Every journey needs to have an end and it's time to let go, so i can just cope with it and surely will find someone else where maybe this new experience will help at the end.

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