Saturday, September 18, 2010


Its already a few weeks ago and i think its time to not only try to forget about some things but to face them. I was over 5 weeks in asia and i experienced so much i did never experience before in that amount of time. i learnd that a lot of things she does, she did because of her culture and not because she was unfriendly which i thought in germany when she did it. On another note i was considered to be unfriendly there because I was not used to there habits, like she wasnt to germany's. One thing i experienced was that "everyone in asia smileys always" is a lie, also it is a lie that its unfriendly to eat everything from your plate, but people always put things on your plate. things are cheap in singapore and for litte things you may get a huge punishment (ex. 1000 dollars for driving bicycle on some walkways), but i felt its more words then actually things done by the police. its a tourist magnet, shirts with such stuff but nothing more. In singapore you have a high reputation as a european, especially as a german, often you are looked at when you are the only caucasian, specially children look at you because its something new for them but otherwise you are really welcome. Also people try to be friendly and try to speak english with you, not like in germany where every shop is angry when you dont speak german. People in singapore seem to be more direct, whether they want to help you in translation things or are angry at you and tell you that. Its kind of strange in the beginning when people tell you thatthey feel like you are unfriendly, but you get used to it and apprechiate critism, thats mostly because of cultural differences anyway. the weather is overkill though. most of the people never saw snow before and have only one season. 25 degrees may seems ok, but with 90 percent humidity its really nervwrecking. i still have the feeling that when i was sweating that much was one of the reasons she left me from the beginning, but i may be wrong. One day at the waterpark i was completally white because of sunlotion twice and still got my second sunburn there. i am just not made for the tropical climate i think. Maybe Agbar wasnt either, which is why he committed suicide in my coke. its really sad that my chinese has no improvement here and noone has interest in me learning it anymore, because there i learnd alot and i really wish i could improve it for my future.

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