Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Toc-Toc & Claire in "A Minecraft Adventure"

Ok, so i started playing Minecraft again. I havn't played in a long time and it was kinda fun to be back there. I built a little hotel with another guy and helped others in building own stuff. And then there was Claire. She was never able to play with me because of an error that Mac has commonly on this game, but this time it worked. I showed her how to build stuff on a little house and then she already had the first idea what to build; A Namesign of us -1- .
After that we decided between a giant tree and the Burj Dubai for what to build and we built a giant tree, because i did it before and knew how we could start. We built that tree -2- and went to the little town. There we build a hotel in an area where a hill was before. the hotel/inn was 3 story in the end and was kind of giving the town a cooler look. -3- my honey building sign -4- awesome entrance hall -5- flower garden

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