Sunday, March 28, 2010

Third Month

Happy Birthday

Three Months;
And finally we will see each other again.
So now it's the time. This entry is not about past nor future. This post is about the moment the very next day, when we finally meet each other again. In less than two hours you will sit in the plane already to finally see me again. Today is not only the day you jump into the plane, but also it's your birthday and the third month we are a couple now.In about 20 hours i am finally able to hug you again, to kiss you, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to be with you. You finally have someone on your side again, who cares about you and who loves you. Lately you are having a hard time and I hope this weeks will make you forget about it and you can simply enjoy it without falling back into depression again.

Tomorrow, when i get you I can't drive to late, because the parking lots are pretty expensive and I hope that i may only have to pay one hour then on the other side I have to be careful to not come into a traffic jam. After that we can go into the DD-City to buy bacon, gloves, swimming cloth for me, fries, salmon and other stuff we still need and at home we will make a cheese stuffed bacon roll with fries :). I will present you your presents most likely before eating though :), but most of the presents you know already anyways :D.

One thing i hope is that the weather gets a bit better, because raining wouldn't help us stick to our plan on a few things and could make things difficult. I hope it gets up to 20 degrees again so you wont freeze outside either, especially for Amsterdam the weather should be nice.

We are getting so often in arguments, which made the whole situation difficult in the last weeks and months and i really hope we will find a way to prevent those situations. Maybe it will be easier when we finally see each other again and when we find solutions instead of screaming at each other when something went not like it was supposed to or like we have imagined it. In about one hour your plane starts now and then you have a long and exhausting trip infront of you. I hope you are able to sleep a lot while flying and everything goes well on your stop. I hope you wont be too tired when you are here though, but well when you are we can simply skip DD and go immediatly home for presents and then make something to eat so you can go to bed early :).

Yesterday i already coulnt really sleep, the anticipating is kind of killing me and i hope in the hype i don't forget something important.

I really wish this weeks to be special and i hope we will have even better memories than of the christmas vacation. I really wish for a great time. Well, i wish for it although i know that we in fact WILL have a great time. I love you!

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