Monday, September 21, 2009

Sucht euch eine Band aus und beantwortet die fragen mit Songtiteln x).

Pick your Artist: Sonata Arctica
Are you Male or Female: Replica
How do you Feel: Misplaced
Describe where you Currently Live: My Land
If you could go Anywhere, Where would you go: Land of the free
Your Favorite Form of Transportation: Blacksheep
Your Best Friend is: Peacemaker
You and your Best Friends are: The Last Amazing Grays
What's the Weather Like: Full Moon
Favorite Time of Day: The Harvest
If your Life was a TV Show, what would it be Called: The Power of One
What is Life to You: Blank File
Your Relationship: Juliet
Your Fear: Wolf & Raven
What is the Best Advice you have to Give: Respect the Wilderness
Thought for the Day: Don't say a word
How you would Like to Die: Die with your boots on
My Soul's Present Conditions: Broken
My Motto: The Rest of the sun belongs to me.

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