Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two days passed...

... and after returning after 7pm now twice in a row i realised that university is in fact stressful, but it's not the kind of stress you would hate, it's more like a challenge. The tasks we have are complicated, but after hours of looking at formula at some point the solution just pops up in your head and it makes it all good. Also the time in university is fun, because you can work the way you like to work. You can make breaks whenever you like when you have no lecture. It feels like being new in school again. Everything is new and everything is awesome and it finally makes fun again. I just hope i may not regret that last sentence later on.


  1. man kann nur 'spaß machen' auf deutsch sagen, weil es für uns keine bedeutung hat. wir die lieben australier(en?) 'haben spaß' oder 'it is fun' etc. aber :D cool your experience of uni sounds great so far :)

  2. oh i see. i have no english in university anymore so it gets worse and worse by time, you will see ;)