Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saw VII Char-Info

Characters back:
Gordon - "meh", but in interview they said Gordon with foot, so maybe just flashbacks. and in present time just as a corpse. damn i start being afraid :(
Seth - awesome, i would love some flashbacks :)
Mallick - maybe just his corpse?

Not Back:
Brit (confirmed survive though) - its nice to see that we get the information what happened to her
Tara - too bad they won't show what happened after the Zoo-Massacre
Daniel - not needed to be back anyway
Rigg - same
Tapp - same
Amanda - I'm happy that she is not back :X
Pamela - It's kinda sad, cause all the three chars are still alive down there
Jeff Ridenhour - not needed
Other Information:
"Garage Trap" involving cars = The horsepower trap talked about
A lot of movement in the timeline :)

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