Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fourth Month

a third year;
a sixth of my current lifetime;
a time to remember;

So we had it all. Love, Hate and a sidekick that made her puke. It was a month of being close, full of emotions, but also full of fun time. We went to Comix and to my grandmother. We were in Amsterdam and in Düsseldorf. The month was full of memories and events that i don't know what to say about it. Mostly i enjoyed the calmer moments with us though. Just lying in bed watching tv. Playing game, going out for dinner, bathing and swimming together. And you forgot to bring a towel x). At least my finger stops hurting now, Blanket would never bite me though, he was much nicer than that big one. I didnt like the fact that you left though, it felt like my Atlantis was sinking, but i know that you miss me as much, or maybe you only miss the big gaming screen and the nice theme parks or even the Coffee Shops. Maybe we should go back to Best next time and sit in a traffic jam near Michael Jackson. You say you will come back maybe in december already which might be a good idea, because if there is snow and I lose your specs while throwing metallic balls around we might find it again. What i found was only a colored egg and a sock.

Now i have to hurry to get a passport and get everything prepared to find a flight and stuff to arrive in summer. I will come with nearly no clothes, so i can fill my bag there. What i need most is a hat and sunblocker! And then i hope we go out when the sun isnt that high up in the sky every day. It still will be hot, but i like to stay pale and well, i love the moon! more than the sun. And for the stuff we need to be at early like universal studios i will just cluster myself in sunblocker. I hope we find a way to sleep in the same room and bed though without the need of a hotel, but we will see.

I love you ~

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